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5 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice Everyday

5 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice Everyday

5 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice Everyday

We will show you 5 easy Yoga poses to get you started on our Yoga journey.

Fact: Today, Yoga seems to be becoming popular by the day. Those not too familiar with the discipline could have a variety of misconceptions about what really Yoga is and if it could have any benefits for them.

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are full of highly accomplished and flexible Yogis who demonstrate (or perhaps even show off a little) their latest bends and curves in exotic locations. It can almost make Yoga seem more like gymnastics or ballet than an exercise routine for the regular person. 




Alternatively, you may have seen images of old Yogis sitting in Lotus pose contemplating life and death or union with the divine; or perhaps you have an image that Yoga is just some mild stretching exercises meant for old people and not a “real workout”. 


Why should YOU practice yoga?


Well, I am here to tell you that Yoga is all of that and more. Without getting too “woo-woo”, I can say that Yoga helps you strengthen and align your physical, emotional, and psychological states of being. Flexibility in the body may lead to flexibility in mind as well as an enhanced sense of relaxation, health, and well-being. Who wouldn’t like to feel more of that?

If Yoga has piqued your interest for whatever reason, we are here to show you 5 basic easy Yoga poses that will easily get YOU started on YOUR Yoga journey. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and can easily be performed in a small space anywhere within you own home.

And as you become more familiar and comfortable with the practice, you even add additional poses which may help a specific area in your body. Yoga has helped millions of people all over the world and it can help you also. The most important thing is to get started and focus on the journey rather than the destination.

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Pose 1: Downward Dog



It’s one of the basic (easy) Yoga poses. Here’s how you do it correctly:

Step 1: Get on all fours and put your hands beneath the shoulders. Place your fingers wide apart.

Step 2: Pull your abdominal to the knees for a moment, and then push your buttocks up. Stand on your palms and feet pushing your hands away from the floor. Stretch your back pulling your chest towards the thighs.

Step 3: Straighten your knees and put your heels on the floor. Hold this asana up to one minute, and then you can change it.

You may understand this pose better if you look at a dog while it is stretching or watch this video:



Pose 2: Up Dog or Cobra



Step 1: Lie down face down on your yoga mat. Straighten your legs and bend your arms at the elbows. Place your palms exactly under your shoulders, and the top of your feet should be on the mat.

Step 2: Leaning on your hands, exhale and raise your head and body up. Bend in your back and take your shoulders back. Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds and don’t forget to breathe smoothly.

If it is hard to understand all the details, watch the video and enjoy the pose:



Pose 3: Crescent Lunge



Step 1: Make a wide step (or even jump) from a standing pose to place your feet wide apart. Imagine yourself standing on a railway.

Step 2: Raise both arms upward and put them together. Bend your left knee until it forms a right angle.

Step 3: Pull your body up stretching your right leg. Just do not strain your shoulders. Lengthen your body for 30-60 seconds and release.

Watch the video and practice this pose again:



Pose 4: Yogi Squat



Step 1: Stand up, then crouch down until your tailbone is between the ankles. Put your hands in prayer position joining them at the chest.

Step 2: Press on the palms, firmly pressing your elbows on the inner side of the thighs. Hold this pose 30-60 seconds but don’t forget to breathe and smile. Relax for a while.

It’s easy! Also, watch this short video about the asana:



Pose 5: Windshield Wiper


A post shared by Алёна (@klenovaya_ya) on


Step 1: Lie on your back bending your knees to the stomach. Stretch your arms and put them on the floor perpendicular to your body.

Step 2: Slowly move your bent legs to the right side of your body and gently place them on the floor. Turn your head to the left side and gaze stretching your body. Breathe deeply.

Step 3: Use your abdominal muscles to return your knees back to the stomach.

Step 4: Place your legs to the left side of your body and gaze to the opposite side. Hold the pose at least 30 seconds, and then you can repeat as many times as you need.

This video can help you to get an understanding of this pose:



Practicing these five poses will take you less than 10 minutes in the morning and may leave you feeling fresh and energized throughout the day. That sounds like a good bargain to me. So what are you waiting for, simply grab a Yoga Mat and get started?




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5 Easy Yoga Poses To Practice Everyday

If Yoga has piqued your interest for whatever reason, we are here to show you 5 basic easy Yoga poses that will easily get YOU started on YOUR Yoga journey.