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10 Mommy Baby Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Make You Smile

10 Mommy Baby Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Do you practice Mommy Baby Yoga (Mommy and Me Yoga)?


Isn’t being a mom to little one’s such a beautiful thing? On the one hand you get to experience ALL the joys of raising a wide-eyed, curious, wonderful little human being; and, on the other hand, you also experience a physical and emotional roller-coaster full of sleep deprived nights, changing diapers, and zero ME time.

A little child needs constant attention and care, especially from its mom. Trying to do some of the little things that you used to take for granted before like reading a good book, having a quiet cup of coffee, working out or practicing Yoga may now leave you feeling a bit guilty. But it doesn’t all have to be this way.

Practicing Yoga with your little one can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience; not to mention all the physical, emotional and psychological benefits that it can have for both the mom and the baby/toddler.

These creative moms below have found fun ways of engaging their babies in their Yoga practice. We hope these candid images of moms practicing Yoga with their little one’s will bring a BIG smile to your face.


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10 Mommy Baby Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Make You Smile

These Mommy Baby Yoga Poses Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile. Practice Yoga With Your Baby and Reap All The Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Benefits.